The Best Times to Visit Disney World and Universal Orlando in 2025

When you go to Orlando in 2025 can make a huge difference to your difference.  Pick the wrong time and you’ll spend hours in long queues.  But, get it right and go when it’s quieter and you’ll have an amazing time at Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando. 

Determining the best time to visit Disney World depends on a few things:

Our Orlando crowd calendar predicts the crowds at Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

So when is the best time for your 2025 holiday?  Discover the best and worst times of the year.

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2025 best and worst times to visit Orlando

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When is the Worst time to visit Orlando in 2025
When is the Worst time to visit Orlando in 2025

When is the Worst time to visit Orlando in 2025?

Let’s face it, no one likes long queues.  Our crowd calendar has crunched the numbers and worked out the worst weeks for wait times at Disney World and Universal Studios.  This will help you avoid the worst times to go to Disney.

When the US & UK holidays align, it’s a recipe for chaos at the parks with families from both countries converging. Prepare for crowds, jacked-up prices, and endless lines. That’s why we advise against a trip during the Easter holidays.  It’s a really busy time to visit Central Florida.

Another downside of hitting up Disney World during Easter? Forget about snagging any early bird deals – they’re a no-go for those dates. Planning to stay at a Disney hotel? Easter will drain your wallet, sap your patience, and leave you missing out on sweet deals. Save yourself the headache and pick a different time of year to visit. Our Universal Orlando & Walt Disney World crowd calendar uses high-tech AI to determine the optimal months for your trip.

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1st – 4th & 18th – 22nd January

The beginning of the year in Orlando is jam-packed with people seeing in the new year at Walt Disney World and celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Brace yourself for huge crowds and lots of big families taking over the parks. Make sure to plan your visit wisely to avoid the chaos during this time of year. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday draws in a huge crowd, so be prepared for longer lines and more crowded attractions.

Lots of schools are closed for a day, so families are flocking to Orlando’s theme parks for a little holiday fun. But beware, you’ll be battling the crowds and endless lines at the attractions, making for a less-than-perfect experience.

14th – 24th February

Get ready for a wild weekend with Mardi Gras, President’s Day, and UK school holidays all colliding. Brace yourself for huge crowds, it’s gonna be nearly as busy as last New Year’s Eve. The chaos kicks off on the Thursday before President’s Day. Hotels and buses at Disney World are going be packed, so be prepared for a squeeze.

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 6

10th March until 7th April

It’s Easter, plus Spring Break crowds and also US & UK school holiday – expect massive queues. You’ll need a bit more than a magic wand to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter easily.  It’s some of the busiest months to visit.  Disney also exclude these dates from their early booking onsite hotel offers.

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 6

Memorial Day Weekend – End of May

The weekend leading up to Memorial Day Monday always draws a huge crowd, especially on Saturday and Sunday. But don’t worry, the crowds disperse quicker than they do during Christmas and Easter.

Anytime in June, July & Early August

As soon as Americans start ditching school for their summer holidays in June, the theme parks become packed with people. And let’s not forget about the chaos during the 4th of July festivities. Throw in the UK school holidays starting in mid-July and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a crowded nightmare at the parks. If want to visit during the summer, wait until mid-August for lower crowds.

8th – 22nd October

Around Columbus day, you’ll definitely notice a spike in the wait times for attractions compared to the chill vibe of October right before it. The rest of October is smooth sailing though, so don’t fret!

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 6

Thanksgiving 24th November – 3rd December

It seems like Americans would rather wait in line for Space Mountain than deal with the hassle of cooking a turkey at home. Orlando is packed to the brim with visitors, making it the third busiest week of the year after Christmas and Easter. The parks, hotels, buses, and parking lots are bursting at the seams with guests.

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 6

19th December into the New Year

The yuletide season mixed with a break from school equals a whirlwind of enchantment, but also a swarm of people. It’s a holly jolly madhouse, filled with sky-high prices, eternal queues, and hordes of folks.

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These are some of the best times to visit Florida
These are some of the best times to visit Florida

The Best Times To Visit Disney World In 2025

The bulk of visitors at Walt Disney World are Americans, so it’s crucial to plan your trip around public holidays to avoid the madness and visit Walt Disney World during quiet crowd levels. 

It’s like a game of Tetris trying to figure out when American and British school holidays align, but it’s worth the effort.
Pro Tip! Going to Disney World during low crowd times means shorter lines and the ability to conquer the park in less time. It lets you plan for more park time.  So, instead of enduring a 14-night marathon during peak season, you could tackle everything in just 10 nights during the off-peak. Combine that with lower prices, and you can pocket some serious cash.  

Check out our crowd calendar and discover your new favourite time of year for low crowds at Disney World and Universal.

Here are the least crowded times to hit the parks at Walt Disney World.

When Should I Visit Orlando?

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 2

5th January – 13th February

If you steer clear of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you’ll notice that the parks are surprisingly calm. Even with the RunDisney events causing a buzz at the hotels, the impact on the parks is minimal. This is the prime time to visit if you’re not a fan of the scorching heat.

The theme parks in Orlando see a significant drop in attendance during this period, making it the ideal time to enjoy shorter wait times for rides, easier access to attractions, and an all-around more laid-back vibe. You can fully immerse yourself in the magic of Disney without the stress of navigating through hordes of people. Plus, the weather during mid-January to mid-February is just perfect for outdoor fun.

Mild temperatures and clear skies make for an enjoyable experience with minimal chance of rain ruining your day.

Just avoid 18th – 22nd January – it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 2

24th February – 9th March

Between the insanity of President’s Day and the chaos of Spring Break, there’s a perfect little breather. The Orlando weather is just right, with hardly any rainy days in sight.  Spend quality time in the parks without worrying about crowds. It’s the ideal time for couples, it’s one of the best times to visit Orlando.

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 2

8th April & 25th May

After the Easter frenzy, the parks finally catch a breather. Get ready for some of the emptiest queues and shortest crowds of the year.  Visit Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure without even worrying about queue times.  Not to mention, it’s a budget-friendly time to visit, just like January.  If you don’t mind the rain in Orlando, this is a great time to visit Florida. 

But be sure to hightail it out of there before Memorial Day weekend hits – it’s absolute chaos!

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 3

Mid-August – The Best UK School Holiday

It can be a surprise that the best time to go is during a UK school holiday.  August to September is prime time for Brits to visit Disney World. Visit the parks without the long lines.  American schools are back in session, which means fewer crowds and lower Disney World ticket prices for us. It’s the best time to go if you need to stick to the school holidays.

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 2

Pretty Much Anytime in September

Heading to Orlando in September comes with its perks – and one of the major ones is the drastic decrease in crowds. With summer vacation winding down and schools back in session, the theme parks and attractions start to clear out. Say goodbye to long lines for rides, enjoy easier access to shows and events, and take your time exploring without feeling rushed. 

Just a heads up – Labor Day weekend (August 31st – September 2nd) might see a little bump in visitors, but it’s usually not too bad. Just keep in mind that September is also Orlando’s rainy season, so pack that poncho just in case!

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 3

Most of October

Apart from the chaos of Columbus Day on the 14th, you can look forward to fewer human herds at Disney World, making it a prime time for a magical getaway.

While prices skyrocket during the UK school breaks, the crowds at Disney remain pleasantly sparse. However, Universal Orlando tends to be teeming with thrill-seekers for their iconic Halloween Horror Nights (too scary for me!).

Orlando Crowd Calendar - level 3

23rd October to 23rd November & 2nd to 18th December

Looking to get into the Christmas spirit without being surrounded by hordes of holiday shoppers and screaming children? Well, early December is the perfect time to bask in the festive cheer without all the chaos.  And you’ll avoid all those crowds at Walt Disney World too.  It’s one of my favourite times to visit.

Plus, if you’re a fan of Disney and all things magical, this is your chance to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party or the Festival of the Holidays. 

The only downside? The weather might be a tad cooler, so you might want to skip the water parks for this trip.

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