What is the best time to visit Orlando?  What’s the weather like in Orlando each month?

Wondering when’s the best weather and time for your Orlando holiday?  For us Brits planning your sunny getaway to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, the weather there is a big deal.  So, you it’s good to be well-informed before you commit to that holiday.

In the sizzling state of Florida, the thermometer fluctuates between a balmy 20°C and a scorching 39°C during the daytime. That means you’ll have loads of chances to bask in the sunshine without getting roasted! But beware, when the sun sets, things can cool down real quick, with temperatures plunging to a chilly 10°C. Before you make any arrangements, take a peek at our awesome Orlando weather guide for every month.

What You’re Going To Learn

  • The Best Months To Visit Walt Disney World
  • Month By Month Orlando Weather Guide
  • Which Months To Avoid

When is the best time to visit disney world?

Walt Disney World weather guide showing you the best time to visit orlando

What’s the Orlando weather and Climate like?

Orlando is a steamy place with its hot, sticky summers and mild winters. The air in Orlando is practically dripping with moisture, with an average humidity of 70%. This means you’ll often feel like you’re wading through a steam room, especially in the summer months.

The humidity doesn’t just make you feel like you’re swimming through the air, it also makes it nearly impossible to cool down. No matter how low the temperature drops, the water vapor keeps your sweat from evaporating, which is how your body naturally cools off. So if you’re visiting Florida in the summer, make sure you chug plenty of fluids and find air-conditioned havens to avoid turning into a puddle.

Here are some precious nuggets of wisdom for battling Orlando’s humidity:

  • Stay hydrated, amigos.
  • Don loose, breathable threads.
  • Don’t exert yourself during the peak scorching hours.
  • Escape to air-conditioned bliss when you need to recharge.
  • And if all else fails, bring a portable fan to accompany you on your sweaty adventures.

Is January the best time to visit Orlando?

January Weather Averages

22 – 11°c 4 Rainy Days

The Orlando theme parks are open all year round, but some of the rides might be closed for refurbishment. Make sure you check the schedules before your holiday!  It’s one of the reasons why it’s probably the cheapest time to visit Orlando.

Get ready for a wild weather dance in Orlando during January! The thermometer swings from a sizzling 22°C in the daylight to a chilly 11°C when the moon comes out to play. Prepare your rain boots for just a mere sprinkle, as there are only 4 measly rainy days in the entire month. So, why not plan a visit to this weather paradise?

Psst! While the gates of the fabulous Orlando’s theme parks stay open all year long, it’s wise to double-check the refurbishment schedule of your favourite rides before you embark on your adventure. Don’t get caught off guard, my friend! 

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What’s the weather like in Orlando in February?

February Weather Averages

23 – 12°c 4 Rainy Days

Oh, February can be the perfect time to embark on a thrilling journey the Orlando attractions! The weather is warm and sunny days that won’t leave you feeling like a roasted turkey. And fear not, for the nights are pleasantly cool, allowing you to enjoy those enchanting evening escapades without breaking a sweat. In Orlando, temperatures during this month waltz between a delightful 23°C  daytime temperatures and a refreshing 12°C at night.

But watch out, there are occasions when the parks become jam-packed. President’s Day weekend, together with school holidays in the UK, brace yourself for the biggest crowds you’ve seen since the beginning of the year, hustling and bustling everywhere. The influx of people starts on the Thursday before President’s Day.

Here’s the best part, my dear traveller! February happens to be one of those rare months when the skies decide to give us a break from their watery shenanigans. Sure, there might be a gentle sprinkle here and there, but nothing that will leave you looking like a drowned rat. So grab your dancing shoes and get ready for Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando.

Is March a good time to go to Orlando?

March Weather Averages

26 – 14°c 5 Rainy Days

March is a great time to visit the Sunshine State of Florida, where the temps are just right – not too hot during the day and comfortably cool at night. In Orlando, you can expect an average March temp of around 26°C when the sun is up, and a refreshing 14°C when it’s time to hit the hay.

Now, March does bring about a smidge of rain, with approximately 5 wet days in the mix. But fret not! It’s mostly those gentle, sprinkle-like showers that won’t completely ruin your vacay vibes. Ready to start planning? Get in touch with your own Orlando Guru.

What’s the average temperatures in Orlando in April?

April Weather Averages

29 – 17°c 5 Rainy Days

Experience the splendour of Disney World in April – a blissful blend of perfect weather and fewer crowds than the peak season. With temperatures hitting a delightful 29°C, you can frolic through the parks in sweet comfort, without the pesky heat getting in your way.

But wait, there’s more! April showers aren’t a constant buzzkill. Instead of torrential downpours, expect light drizzles that add a refreshing spark to the scenery. So, you can savour every enchanting moment at Disney World without getting drenched or caught in a storm.

The drawback is that Easter is an absolute madhouse, with parks bursting at the seams and average daily park attendance hitting its peak. And just our luck, any delightful discounts Disney may have won’t apply during the Easter holidays. 

Martin visiting Orlando in May 2023
Martin visiting Orlando in May 2023

What’s the average rainfall in Orlando in May?

May Weather Averages

33 – 20°c 6 Rainy Days

May, oh May, you sly devil! Prepare to sizzle under the scorching sun at Disney World, where temperatures skyrocket to a delightful 32°C or maybe even a cheeky 33°C. But hey, don’t forget your raincoat, because this sly month brings around 6 rainy season days. Just a little sprinkle or two, you know, enough to keep you on your toes and maybe a tad drenched. So, get ready to soak up the fun, both from the sun and those mischievous rain showers!

When I visited in May 2023, we had brilliant sunshine, but also heavy rain too. We certainly made the most of our Disney ponchos! Let’s have a chat if you’re thinking about visiting in May.

Is June a good month for weather in Orlando?

June Weather Averages

33 – 23°c 12 Rainy Days

June in Orlando, where the heat cranks up to a scorching 33°C, is one sizzling time for sure! Be ready to dance in the rain or slightly damp yourself, as this month boasts an impressive 12 rainy days on average. But hey, no worries! It’s just a passing shower lasting a meager hour or two, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your fabulous holiday at Universal Florida.  And price-wise, it’s a good month to visit Orlando too!

Is July peak season in Orlando?

July Weather Averages

33 – 24°c 14 Rainy Days

July is scorching, with temperatures skyrocketing well beyond the scorching 33°C mark and is usually the hottest month of the year.
During this delightfully tropical month, you can expect approximately 14 days of refreshing rain, just enough to sprinkle some extra excitement into your theme park adventures. Don’t fret, these showers will be brief and gentle, barely making a dent in your fun-filled escapades. So, grab your umbrella and dance in the drizzle as you conquer the thrilling attractions!

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Is August the best time to go to Walt Disney World?

August Weather Averages

33 – 24°c 14 Rainy Days

If you’re thinking about taking a jaunt to the Disney theme parks in August, get ready for scorching weather but rejoice at the empty parks because all those American students will be back in the classroom from mid-August onwards.  This makes August the best month to visit during the UK school holidays.

Don’t fret about a few drizzly days, they’ll be fleeting and gentle enough that they won’t spoil your fun-filled adventure at the parks.  If your little ones are stuck to school holidays, it’s one of the best times for your visit to Orlando. Get in touch to start planning your awesome Orlando adventure.

When Should I Visit Orlando?

How’s the weather in Orlando in September?

September Weather Averages

29 – 23°c 11 Rainy Days

September is an absolutely marvellous time to explore the wonders of Florida – the weather is still toasty, with temperatures soaring up to a delightful 29°C.
Now, don’t get your flip flops in a twist, but it’s worth noting that September blesses us with an average of around 10 or 11 days of precipitation. Fear not, my friend, as these rain showers are typically light and short-lived.

But hold onto your sunhat, because September also happens to be the height of hurricane season in Florida. Now, before you start building an ark, let me assure you that the odds of a hurricane striking directly during your trip are relatively slim. However, the chances of encountering some stormy weather and drenching downpours are higher. It’s wise to keep an eye on those weather forecasts and heed any advice or warnings from the local authorities.
If you choose to visit in September, you’ll still have an extraordinary time on your Floridian adventure. Just remember to pack your raincoat and keep an eye out for any potential weather shenanigans.

What’s the weather like over Halloween and October?

October Weather Averages

29 – 20°c 5 Rainy Days

October in Orlando has pleasant weather and is one of the best months, with the thermometer edging up to a balmy 28°C or 29°C. Don’t fret about a few sprinkles or a light mist during your holiday, it won’t put a damper on things.

The weather in October is typically splendid, hovering between those pleasant temperatures. And don’t worry about rain ruining your plans – it usually only shows up for about 5 days of the month. Those occasional showers or drizzles won’t stop you from enjoying all the activities you have lined up. All in all, October is unquestionably the prime time to experience Central Florida, with cosy warmth and hardly any rain.

Orlando in November? Is it a good month for a trip to Orlando?

November Weather Averages

27 – 15°c 3 Rainy Days

November is yet another delightful month in Orlando where temperatures continue to soar to a delightful 26°C or 27°C. This month typically sees about 3 or 4 rain days, so you might encounter some drizzle. Nevertheless, November is a splendid time to visit Universal as it is less crowded compared to peak seasons like summer and the winter holidays.

This translates to shorter wait times for activities and a more relaxed atmosphere all around. Furthermore, you will be able to behold the enchanting fall foliage that adorns the parks, enhancing the already picturesque ambiance. It’s an ideal time for those seeking to explore the parks without the scorching heat and hordes of people. However, it would be wise to carry a light raincoat or an umbrella to be prepared for the occasional showers that might surprise you throughout the month.

What’s the weather like around Christmas at Walt Disney World?

December Weather Averages

23 – 12°c 5 Rainy Days

When December rolls around, Orlando decides to give the rest of the year the cold shoulder and cool things down ever so slightly. Temperatures in this month usually stay in the range of 22°C or 23°C, which might not sound like the arctic, but it’s definitely nippy for the happiest place on earth.

But wait, there’s more! December also brings along some sporadic showers to Orlando. On average, you can expect about 4 or 5 days of rain during this time. These rain showers can go from a light mist to a full-on drench fest, so you better be prepared with an umbrella or raincoat if you plan on braving the elements in Orlando during December. Plan accordingly, my friends!

When is the best time to go to Orlando?

Orlando is an awesome spot to visit all year round, but if you happen to be there during the colder or wetter months, you better come prepared with some rain-proof or winter-proof attire and gear.

During the months of January or February, make sure to bring along cosy sweaters and jackets, as the temperatures might plunge to a chilly 22° C or 23° C.
March is usually fabulous weather-wise, but watch out if your visit coincides with Spring Break madness.

When April or May rolls around, pack some lightweight and comfy clothing for those warm days, but don’t forget to throw in a light jacket or sweater for those cooler evenings.

For the scorching months of June and July, you’ll want to have plenty of breezy and breathable outfits in your suitcase like shorts, t-shirts, and dresses. Oh, and don’t even think about stepping outside without sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the blazing heat.

And starting from mid-August onwards, you’ll get to enjoy delightful weather along with fewer crowds taking over the parks. It’s a win-win situation!

When you plan your trip for September or October, make sure you throw in a clever combination of clothes that can handle both hot and chilly weather. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, so be prepared with layers that can easily come on and off like a magician’s cape.

As for November or December, don’t be fooled by Orlando’s sunny reputation. It’s time to pack some cosy clothes like sweaters, jackets, and long trousers. 

Are you ready to start planning your holiday to Orlando?

No matter when you decide to venture into the magical realm of Orlando, play it smart and bring along some waterproof gear. A badass waterproof jacket or a trusty umbrella will shield you from the unexpected rain showers that can sneak up on you throughout the year. Don’t let a little precipitation spoil your fun!

Enjoy a fabulous vacation in Orlando, regardless of which fantastic month you decide to embark on your adventure! The sunshine tends to grace us with its presence, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup plan for a cheeky sprinkle of rain. Begin charting your epic journey to Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando alongside the Orlando Insider!

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