Orlando Hotel Review: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort hotel is a vibrant and whimsically themed resort connected to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios thanks to the super-quick Disney Skyliner. This blog post will explore everything about the hotel including the resort’s rich legacy of animation, its various amenities, huge pools, themed sections, and transportation options.

This is one of the Disney Value hotels offering you the chance to stay in a Disney film.  Whether you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, or The Little Mermaid, this resort offers something for everyone. Let’s dive into the magical world of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort!

Disney Art of Animation Resort review and book

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Step in a world of colour and cartoons at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Listen to my review of this Walt Disney World hotel and see if it’s for you.

Animation Hall: Where Art Comes to Life

Welcome to Animation Hall, the main front desk area of this Disney resort hotel. This enchanting space is a celebration of Disney animated films, where art truly comes to life. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the mesmerizing artwork that surrounds you.

The centrepiece is a magnificent chandelier, crafted entirely from hand-drawn animation sketches. This incredible installation not only illuminates the space but also serves as a testament to the artistic talent and creativity that goes into creating Disney’s beloved animated films.

Every corner of Animation Hall is adorned with vibrant and colourful artwork, showcasing the magic of Disney and Pixar characters and scenes from some of the most cherished animated movies. 

Animation Hall is not just a static gallery; it immerses you in the animation process itself. The walls are lined with concept art, storyboards, and character sketches, giving you a glimpse into how these beloved Disney characters are brought to life. You’ll discover the intricate details and thought that goes into creating every frame and scene.

As you walk through the hall, you’ll feel a sense of connection to the iconic characters and stories that have touched the hearts of millions. The immersive experience sets the tone for your stay this Orlando hotel, where you can continue to immerse yourself in the world of animation in the themed suites dedicated to Disney characters like Simba, Ariel, and Lightning McQueen. Sound like somewhere you’d like to stay? Get in touch to start planning your Orlando holiday.

Amenities Galore: Fun for the Whole Family

Welcome to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, where you’ll find a multitude of amenities designed to make your stay truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a Disney merchandise enthusiast, a gaming fanatic, or a food lover, this resort has something for everyone in the family.

Ink and Paint Store: A Disney Shopper’s Paradise

If you’re a fan of Disney merchandise, then the Ink and Paint Shop is a must-visit during your stay. This store is a shopper’s paradise, offering a wide range of Disney-themed items, including clothing, accessories, collectibles, and toys. From Mickey Mouse ears to princess costumes, you’ll find everything you need to show off your Disney fandom. Make sure to take a piece of the magic home with you!

Pixel Plate Arcade: Fun and Games for All Ages

Looking for some entertainment? Look no further than the Pixel Plate Arcade. This arcade offers hours of fun for both kids and adults alike. With a variety of classic and modern arcade games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Challenge your family members to a friendly competition, or try your luck at winning some prizes. The Pixel Plate Arcade is the perfect place to bond with your loved ones and create lasting memories.

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Landscape of Flavors: A Culinary Adventure

When hunger strikes, head on over to the Landscape of Flavors food court. This vibrant and lively dining spot is home to various food stations, each offering a diverse range of cuisines. Whether you’re craving American classics, international delicacies, or even some healthy options, you’ll find it all here. Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure as you explore the different flavours and indulge in delicious meals. With so many options to choose from, there’s something to satisfy every palate.  And if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you can use your Quick Service credits here.

You’ll find a world of amenities that cater to every member of the family. From shopping and gaming to dining and entertainment, there’s never a dull moment. So pack your bags, bring your loved ones along, and get ready for a magical and memorable stay at this enchanting resort. Not sure if you’ll need a Disney Dining Plan? Find out about all the free holiday planning help you’ll ever need.

The Big Blue Pool – The Largest Resort Pool in Walt Disney World

Dive into the super-duper, mondo-sized swimming pool at the most ginormous hotel in the whole wide Walt Disney World Resort!  This colossal pool, inspired by the Disney Pixar sensation Finding Nemo, is so big it could hold a ton of H2O—308,527 gallons to be exact! You can have a blast swimming with your favourite finned friend Nemo and his gang of cool characters from the movie.

If you’re a tiny toddler, you’ll love the Schoolyard Sprayground, where there are watery jets and fun surprises just like in Finding Nemo. And for those kiddos who like to keep their feet on dry land, there’s Squirt’s Righteous Reef, a totally bodacious Nemo-themed playground.  Don’t worry, there are towels at the pool.

When you’re feeling parched, swim on over to The Drop Off pool bar, conveniently located nearby. They’ve got yummy snacks and thirst-quenching drinks waiting for you. So don’t miss out on the splash-tastic fun at the biggest pool at Walt Disney World!

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The Cozy Cone Pool at Disney's Art of Animation Resort
The Cozy Cone Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Cozy Cone Pool

Come on over and relax in the stylish cone-shaped cabanas at the Cozy Cone Motel swimming pool! Inspired by the smash-hit Disney Pixar film Cars, this spot is absolutely perfect for families who need to cool off and take a breather.

Just imagine hanging out by the pool, surrounded by awesome life-sized models of your favourite Cars characters like Doc, Sally, Mater, and Lightning McQueen. While the kids have a blast splashing around in the enormous 74,740-gallon pool, you can kick back and relax in the shade of our one-of-a-kind orange-cone cabanas. It’s a dream come true!

Disney has got you covered if you have any special needs or mobility issues, with pool lifts and other accessible options available. Keep in mind that pool hours and the presence of lifeguards may vary, so be sure to check in and stay in the loop.

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Flippin’ Fins Pool

Dive into the Flippin’ Fins Pool and experience some serious aquatic fun, or simply kick back and relax like royalty by the poolside. Inspired by the timeless Disney gem, The Little Mermaid, this colossal 103,642-gallon pool boasts an enchanting “Under the Sea Orchestra” helmed by the talented maestro Sebastian. Prepare to be surrounded by delightful and fantastical elements straight out of your favourite moments from the movie.  The hotel pools are a great way to cool down and chill out after a day at a Disney park.

Poolside Activities

Come on over and let’s create a splash of excitement at The Big Blue Pool! We’ve got a fantastic line-up of family-friendly events waiting for you each day. Get ready to dive into some seriously cool themed pool parties and other awesome activities. Keep the fun going with a variety of themed pool games, exciting relays, mind-boggling trivia, and so much more!  Families always tell us how much they loved the activities the resort offers.

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Step into Your Favourite Disney Movies

Welcome to the magical world of Disney & Pixar! When you stay at our resort, you will be transported into the enchanting universes of some of your favourite Disney movies. The resort is divided into four themed sections, each based on a classic Disney movie, creating an immersive experience like no other.

The Finding Nemo Suite

Dive into the deep blue sea with our Finding Nemo section. Here, you will find themed family suites that are perfect for a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones. But the real highlight of this section is the large pool area, complete with a sprayground, pool bar, and a Nemo-themed playground. Whether you want to relax by the pool or let your young ones splash around, this section is sure to bring out the child in all of us.

The Cars Section at Disney's Art of Animation Hotel in Orlando
The Cars Section at Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel in Orlando

The Cars Section

Get ready to rev your engines and embark on an adventure in the desert town of Radiator Springs. The Cars section of our resort is designed to transport you into the world of Lightning McQueen and his friends. Enjoy the comfort of our family suites and take advantage of the quieter pool area, where you can unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the park. It’s the perfect oasis for a relaxing getaway.

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Live like a king - The Lion King section of Disney's Art of Animation Resort
Live like a king – The Lion King section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

The Lion King Section

Step into the breath-taking landscapes of Africa with the Lion King section. Inspired by the iconic Disney movie, this section offers family suites that are fit for royalty. As the sun sets, gather around the small campfire for storytelling and sing-alongs. And during the day, let your kids explore the playground, where they can unleash their inner adventurers. This section is a true celebration of the Circle of Life.

The Little Mermaid Section

Dive under the sea and discover the whimsical world of The Little Mermaid. In this section, you will find hotel rooms adorned with playful theming from the beloved Disney movie. From colourful murals to seashell-shaped lamps, every detail is designed to bring Ariel’s underwater kingdom to life. It’s the perfect place to make magical memories with your family.

No matter which themed section you choose to stay in, you will be surrounded by the magic of Disney. Each section offers its own unique atmosphere and amenities, ensuring that every guest has a truly unforgettable experience.

If you’re traveling with a larger family or simply want more space during your Disney World vacation, the family suites at Disney’s Little Mermaid resort are worth considering. These suites can accommodate up to six guests and offer a separate bedroom, a living area, and a kitchenette.

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a family suite is the unique theming.  Family suites are beautifully decorated with characters and elements from the movie, creating a truly immersive experience for guests of all ages.

Which best describes you?

Amply-Sized Suites Designed for Families

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is renowned for its family suites, which provide ample space and comfort for families of all sizes. Each suite features special theming elements that truly bring the magic of Disney to life. From the moment you enter your suite, you’ll be greeted by vibrant colours, larger-than-life characters, and immersive details that transport you to a different world.

The family suites are thoughtfully laid out to accommodate the needs of a family. The main living area is spacious and inviting, with a comfortable pull-down Murphy bed disguised as a colourful Disney-themed mural. During the day, the bed can be easily tucked away to create additional space for lounging or playing. At night, it effortlessly transforms into a cosy sleeping area for your little ones.

The suites also feature a separate bedroom with a generously-sized bed for the adults, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of excitement and adventure. Additionally, families will appreciate the convenience of having multiple bathrooms, allowing everyone to get ready quickly and efficiently in the morning or before heading out to explore the theme parks.

A Home Away from Home

One of the standout features of the family suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the inclusion of kitchenettes. These mini-kitchens are equipped with a microwave, sink, and a small refrigerator, providing the perfect setup for snacks, light meals, and beverages. Families can save time and money by preparing simple breakfasts or grabbing a quick bite before heading out for a day of Disney magic.

The kitchenettes also come in handy for families with picky eaters or specific dietary needs. Having the option to store and prepare food in your suite allows for greater flexibility and ensures that everyone’s preferences are met. It’s a great way to create a personalised dining experience while on holiday

Stay at the Little Mermaid theme part of Art of Animation at Walt Disney World
Stay at the Little Mermaid theme part of Art of Animation at Walt Disney World

An Immersive Disney Experience

Staying at one of the family suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers more than just a place to rest. It provides a truly immersive Disney experience that extends beyond the theme parks. Each suite is themed to a different Disney movie, such as “The Lion King,” “Finding Nemo,” “Cars,” or “The Little Mermaid.” The attention to detail in the theming is remarkable, with every aspect carefully designed to transport you into the world of the film.

From the furnishings and decorations to the bathroom fixtures and artwork, every element in the suite reflects the movie’s theme and characters. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the movie itself, surrounded by magical touches that delight both children and adults alike.

Getting Around The Walt Disney World Resort

When you stay at a Disney Resort, transportation is key. Luckily, guests staying here have a range of convenient and efficient transportation options that allow them to access the magic easily.

Disney Skyliner Transportation: Travel in Style To Epcot & Disney’s Hollywood Studios

One of the highlights of staying at here is its convenient connection to the Skyliner Transportation. This innovative aerial gondola system provides a unique and stylish way to travel to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This resort share the Skyliner station with Disney’s Pop Century Resort too.

The Skyliner offers stunning views as guests glide above the resort, taking in the enchanting scenery. It’s not just a mode of transportation, but an experience in itself. Whether you’re traveling to enjoy the world showcase at Epcot or immerse yourself in the magic of Hollywood Studios, the Skyliner provides a convenient and unforgettable journey.

Bus Transportation: Hassle-Free Journeys To Disney Parks

In addition to the Skyliner, staying at a Disney property also offers bus transportation exclusively for its guests. This ensures hassle-free journeys to the Walt Disney World theme parks & Disney Water Parks.

The bus transportation system operates regularly, making it easy for guests to explore all the theme parks, water parks, and other attractions within the resort. Whether you’re heading to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or any other destination within Walt Disney World including Disney Springs, you can rely on the bus transportation to get you there comfortably.

Our Review: An Authentic Disney World Experience

For families looking for an authentic Disney World experience, staying this hotel can be a great choice. The resort’s theming and amenities ensure that guests are immersed in the magic of Disney from the moment they arrive. Speak with an Orlando Guru today to start planning your stay.

From the moment you step into the resort’s lobby, you’ll be greeted by vibrant colours, larger-than-life sculptures, and familiar characters. Throughout the resort, you’ll find subtle nods to Disney movies, helping to create a sense of wonder and delight.

Additionally, the resort offers a variety of amenities, including multiple pools, dining options, and recreational activities. Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool, enjoying a delicious meal, or participating in a fun-filled activity, you’ll be surrounded by Disney magic at every turn.

Overall, while the standard rooms may not be worth the price compared to cheaper options at other Disney World resorts, the family suites offer unique theming and access to the Skyliner Transportation. However, it can be the same price to get 2 rooms at Disney’s Pop Century than one family suite here.

Plus, you’re not far from Orlando International Airport too.  Families looking for an authentic Disney World experience will find the resort’s theming and amenities to be an attractive option.

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