Disney Genie Plus Strategy – Top 10 Lightning Lanes at Walt Disney World: 2023 Guide

Introducing our Genie+ strategy, your secret weapon to conquering Walt Disney World Resort without wasting a single precious moment in line. Say goodbye to those dreaded hours of queueing and hello to more magical adventures!

Picture this: you’re standing in line, wilting under the scorching Florida sun, while your precious holiday minutes tick away. Your dreams of floating through the whimsical landscapes of Peter Pan’s Flight or joining Buzz Lightyear on an intergalactic mission are slowly fading. But fear not, Genie Plus is here to rescue you from the depths of boredom and frustration!

With Genie Plus, Disney World has revealed its true genie-ous! This incredible app allows you to wave your virtual wand and gain access to Lightning Lanes – dedicated queues that whisk you straight to the front of the line. No more wasting time in endless snaking queues, sweating as you wait for that perfect Instagrammable moment.

So, buckle up and get ready to conquer the Disney World like a boss, as we dive into the best ride strategy. Let the adventure begin! 

Genie+ Strategy - Save time on your Walt Disney World holiday
Genie+ Strategy – Save time on your Walt Disney World holiday

So, what is Genie+ at Walt Disney World?

Genie+ is a fancy-schmancy paid service to strut your stuff in a special lane called the Lightning Lane (imagine the old FASTPASS Return Entrance) instead of waiting in the standby line. Just FYI, not every Disney World ride has Lightning Lanes and Genie.  It’s all done within the My Disney Experience app where you can book Lightning Lanes, get return times for Genie and purchase Individual Lightning Lanes too.

What are Lightning Lanes?

Ah, the Lightning Lane! Its a separate line and shorter queue at selected attractions.  But, here’s the catch: you need a Lightning Lane reservation to hop aboard this express train of fun. The cherry on top? The wait is but a tiny blip compared to the regular “standby” line.  We’re talking less than five minutes of waiting time for most attractions. Say goodbye to those endless queues.

How much does Genie Plus cost?

Now, let’s talk finances. The cost tends to vary depending on the day and park you choose. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World in 2023, some days will set you back a modest $16, while others might have you shelling out a princely sum of $35 per person per day. Brace yourself if you plan on hitting up the enchantment of Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, as they rank as the most expensive parks. On the other hand, Epcot and Animal Kingdom offer a more wallet-friendly experience.

Oh, and here’s a little secret: if you’re a park hopper, you can sprinkle some magic across multiple parks. But, bear in mind, the price tag for this enchantment will match the cost of the most expensive park for that day.

Not everyday needs to be a Genie day.  When you plan and book your Orlando holiday with us, we’ll let you know the busiest days for each park. And with the right Genie+ strategy, you can save hours each day in the parks.

To get the very best value out of Genie, check out the rides below.

How much does Genie Plus cost at Walt Disney World?
How much does Genie Plus cost at Walt Disney World?

Are Individual Lightning Lanes included with Genie+?

If you’re not a Disney World pro, this might throw you a bit. Basically, Lightning Lanes are like express lanes at the parks – a fancy line you can stroll through that cuts past the regular crowd. But here’s the kicker: there are two ways to hop on this fast track. For most rides, you gotta purchase Genie Plus to snag a return time for Lightning Lane access. But for the top-notch attractions, you’ll have to fork out some extra cash for that sweet Individual Lightning Lane reservation.

How much does it cost to purchase Individual Lightning Lanes? 

Individual Lightning Lane attractions are currently available at (attractions not included with genie):

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: high $12, low $10

TRON Lightcycle Run: $20

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind: high $17, low $14

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance: high $25, low $20

Avatar Flight of Passage: high $16, low $13

The most popular Individual Lightning Lanes are usually Guardians & Rise of the Resistance so don’t hang around. It’s not possible to buy two individual Lightning Lanes for the same ride – just once per day for sorry.

Can I use Genie Plus And Individual Lightning Lanes together?

Of course you can.  Just remember, you’ll be paying for both the Disney Genie service and to make Individual Lightning Lanes too so the cost can start to mount up a bit.  But think how much time you’ll save!

Is all of this making your head spin?  Don’t worry – when you book your Orlando holiday with us, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Save time with the best Genie Plus Rides at Walt Disney World
Save time with the best Genie Plus Rides at Walt Disney World

Our 10 Best Rides Strategy – Use Disney Genie Plus On These Rides

We’ve done the maths for you with this Genie+ strategy, breaking down the top contenders (and revealing the 5 absolute worst) rides where Genie+ reigns supreme. These gems will not only maximize your fun but also spare you from the agony of waiting in line.  

Here’s the list of Genie Plus rides that save you the most time. By cleverly handpicking and ranking these magical rides on your Genie+ list, you’ll conquer the clock like a champion, leaving the ordinary standby queue in your dust.

Genie+ Strategy Guide - The best rides to use Genie Plus with at Walt Disney World

Slinky Dog Dash – Best Ride Strategy

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Top of the pile for our Genie+ strategy – Slinky Dog Dash is one of the newer additions to Hollywood Studios. This family-friendly coaster, inspired by the iconic film “Toy Story”, will whisk you away on a thrilling adventure through the vast landscape of Andy’s backyard. Brace yourselves as you join forces with the delightful Slinky Dog and navigate the exhilarating twists and turns of this marvellous track.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: the notoriously lengthy queues for Slinky Dog Dash. 

The lines for Slinky Dog Dash can get super long, so we suggest using Genie+ to cut the wait.  In fact, this is our number 1 pick and you should aim for this to your first Lightning Lane of the day when you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

best genie plus rides

Use Genie Plus For Peter Pan’s Flight

Magic Kingdom

Get ready to embark on a magical expedition to Neverland with the timeless favourite, Peter Pan’s Flight at Walt Disney World. Prepare to soar above London, witness iconic landmarks, and then make your way to Neverland, where you’ll catch a glimpse of Captain Hook’s mighty ship and Peter Pan’s humble abode. While this adventure caters to everyone, brace yourself for those pesky queues, which are notorious for being as long as a pirate’s beard. Don’t fret, savvy traveller, for navigating this hurdle is easy-peasy with the indispensable Genie+ to save you precious time. 

For your day at Magic Kingdom, make your first Lightning Lane reservation Peter Pan’s Flight early in the day.

what rides are genie plus lightning lane?

Disney’s ANimal KIngdom

Embark on a tranquil voyage through Pandora’s mesmerising rainforest, courtesy of the Na’vi River Journey. Marvel at the one-of-a-kind flora and fauna that grace this extra-terrestrial oasis. This leisurely excursion clocks in at approximately 11 minutes in duration. However, brace yourself for the possibility of enduring a queue lasting more than an hour, unless you harness the power of Genie+ of course.  It’s our top time saving Lightning Lane selection at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Genie+ Strategy Guide

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure


Get ready to be blown away by the exhilarating cooking experience with Chef Remy on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Prepare yourself for a wild ride as you whiz through the lively kitchen, dining area, and even the walls of the renowned Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris.

C’est magnifique!

magic kingdom genie+ plus rides

Jungle Cruise

Magic Kingdom

Prepare yourself to hop onto a sturdy, uncovered boat and embark on an exhilarating expedition through the rivers of Adventureland. While you sail away, your trusty captain will entertain you with clever quips and wordplay that will keep you giggling the whole way.

As you venture deeper into the untamed jungle, be on the lookout for the majestic elephants splashing around near the water’s edge. Witness the mighty rhinos, mischievous monkeys swinging from the vines, and the graceful giraffes peering at you from behind the dense foliage. The lifelike animals in this attraction will leave you utterly mesmerized, transporting you directly into the wilderness.
Of course, this legendary ride wouldn’t be complete without a touch of peril! Prepare yourself for turbulent rapids, foreboding caves, and even a run-in with the notorious head-hunters. But fear not, because your daring captain will skilfully navigate you through these treacherous situations with fearless determination.

Once you’ve done Peter Pan’s Flight, book a new Lightning Lane for the Jungle Cruise and set sail to adventure!

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Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – Smugglers Run

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This ride, with its excessively long name and impossibly long lines, made its grand debut in 2019 and has quickly become one of the hottest attractions.  If you’re a die-hard Star Wars aficionado, then you simply can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to experience the thrilling new Millennium Falcon ride at Walt Disney World.
Prepare yourself for an epic wait in the queue, but fear not! Utilising the marvellous power of Genie+, a magical time-saving tool, is an absolute necessity.

Toy Story Mania

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania is a mind-blowing, interactive adventure that immerses you in the whimsical realm of Toy Story, where you can actually step into the shoes of your beloved playthings. Now, let me tell you, the wait for this gem of an experience can be longer than a marathon, but fear not! Utilising Genie+ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is literally a genius move to shave off precious hours of your valuable time.

genie+ plus hollywood studios strategy

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Behold the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a true gem among the Walt Disney World’s mesmerizing array of attractions. Brace yourself for an exhilarating escapade, as this extraordinary elevator plunges and ascends amidst pure chaos. Beware, dear faint-hearted souls, for if you quiver at the thought of such spine-tingling experiences, it might be wise to steer clear of this nerve-wracking delight!

Prepare yourself, for the wait for this epic adventure can stretch for an agonizing hour or perhaps even longer. But fret not, for the ingenious Genie+ strategy is here to grant you the power to conquer time itself and save precious moments of your life whilst indulging in other enchantments.

Test Track


If you’re itching to put your car design skills to the test, then Test Track ride at Epcot is here to satisfy your speed cravings! Strap in and unleash your creation on the track, where you’ll witness first-hand how it tackles an array of challenging terrains. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, as this ride is hands down one of the hottest attractions at Walt Disney World.  At Epcot, this should be your first selection of the day,

Frozen Ever After


Take a seat on your boat and let the gentle waves guide you through a frozen forest of willow trees.
Before you know it, you’ll come across some mighty rocks, which are actually Kristoff’s family from Troll Valley. Get ready for some chilly weather.

In the magnificent North Mountain, where everything is covered in icy blue, you’ll discover Elsa’s mesmerizing ice palace. Prepare to be amazed and keep an eye out for Anna, Olaf, and other familiar faces from Frozen.

This delightful “Summer Snow Day” celebration, complete with all your favourite Frozen songs, is guaranteed to warm even the iciest of hearts!

Make your reservation for Epcot attraction nice and early.

When Should I Visit Orlando?

Make the most of your time at Walt Disney World with our Genie+ Strategy

Don’t Use Genie+ Or Make A Lightning Lane Reservation For These 5 Rides

We absolutely love these rides, but let’s be real, the time you’ll save by using Genie+ instead of the Standby line is not going to make any difference to your day. Our suggestion? Keep the Regular Standby queue for these exciting adventures and reserve your Genie+ privilege for the top-notch attractions mentioned earlier.

Orlando Insider UK Based Travel Agents - 1

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Magic Kingdom

Join the fun at Mickey’s PhilharMagic, a mind-blowing 3D spectacle that transports you into the enchanting realm of Disney melodies. This show is absolute family entertainment, and good news folks, the waiting line is usually shorter than a ducks tail.  Leave this for later in the day when it’s more likely to rain.

Living with the Land


Embark on a whimsical journey aboard the Living with the Land spectacle, where a delightful boat ride awaits to sweep you through the enchanting Walt Disney World greenhouses. Witness first-hand the magical method of cultivating their own delectable fruits and vegetables, while immersing yourself in a splendid lesson on water conservation techniques employed by the geniuses of Disney.

This queue tends to vanish quicker than a Mickey bar in the sun.

Spaceship Earth


Embark on a mind-blowing adventure unravelling the captivating chronicles of communication at Epcot’s Spaceship Earth! Brace yourself for a mind-bending voyage that unveils the extraordinary evolution of mankind. Witness how our ancestors ingeniously employed a vast array of communication techniques throughout the ages.  It’s better to blast off without Genie for this one.

Help with Disney Dining and restaurant reservations

Restaurant Reservations

We book your restaurants for you

Just imagine, you’ve read loads of reviews about that must-do Disney World restaurant. But, it’s fully booked. Pretty annoying right?

If you’re grappling with snagging a reservation at a Disney restaurant, fear not! Our Orlando Guru is here to lend a hand. Just let us know which you didn’t secure a spot at, and our ingenious dining bots will be on high alert for any unoccupied tables.
The moment it becomes available, we’ll swiftly snatch it up on your behalf. It’s a piece of cake, really!

Tomorrowland Speedway

Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is bursting with lightning-fast attractions that will definitely make your heart skip a beat.
However, if you’re searching for something a tad slower or just want to take it easy, fear not! Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World has the perfect solution for you – The Tomorrowland Speedway!

On this exhilarating ride, you can engage in a friendly race against fellow drivers in your very own car. The best part? There are absolutely no height restrictions, so even the little ones can join in on the fun! You’ll have three thrilling courses to choose from, including a beginner-friendly one.
What’s truly remarkable about this ride is that you don’t need any prior experience whatsoever because the course is completely self-guided!

If you’re scouting for a laid-back adventure at Walt Disney World, waste no time and make your way to the Tomorrowland Speedway pronto!

Mad Tea Party

Magic KIngdom

In the realm of make-believe, where dreams come true, you will stumble upon Fantasyland’s prized possession: The legendary Mad Tea Party ride! There’s no need to add this to your Genie+ strategy. Just use the regular standby line.

Bonus Disney Genie Plus Tips

When there’s bad weather in the area, a lot of the outdoor rides like the Magic Carpets of Aladdin close.  If you can make a new reservation, book one of these if the Lightning Lane return times are within the next 20 minutes.  The app will see the rides down and will generate a super pass that works on a ton of rides such as Big Thunder Mountain.  And the great thing is, you can stack these up too with multiple Lightning Lane reservations. Read more Orlando Holiday Guides here.

Genie+ Strategy Summary

Well, there you go – our ultimate guide to the top-notch attractions at Walt Disney World that you should totally take advantage of with Genie+. These rides will have you waiting in line for ages, but fear not! With this nifty shortcut, you can reclaim some precious time during your visit to the magical kingdom. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a more laid-back escapade like Kilimanjaro Safaris, we’ve got you covered. And hey, if you think we missed any other phenomenal rides that deserve a spot on our list, do let us know!

Now, if you’re itching to plan your epic Walt Disney World holiday, simply reach out to us and we’ll assign you your very own personal Orlando Guru. They’ll not only teach you how to save both time and money, but also provide you with some invaluable insider tips to maximise your experience like a pro. 

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